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Frequently Asked Questions

Everything You Need to Become a Data Expert.

Who Should Get the UTM Smart Manager?

Digital marketers who need to determine which ads work and don't work. The UTM essentials plan corrects any structural issues in how links are built, stored, and analyzed in order to give you actionable insights on the correct data.

How long does it take to get started with the UTM Starter plan?

You can have your completely custom URL builder published and pulling information in less than 1 hour if you use our default naming conventions. We'll walk you through connecting to your Ads accounts (Fb, IG, Adwords, and Google Analytics) and uploading your corporate logo.

Can I set up my own UTM naming conventions?

Absolutely. Your onboarding team member will help set up your UTM builder just as you wish.

Can I automatically pull from other feeds than those offered in the UTM Starter plan?

Yes. If you need to pull data from Twitter Ads, for example, into your UTM Dashboard/report it would just require a change to your starter plan. Connecting additional feeds will increase your plan by $49 per new feed.

Do you have a Free Trial?

Rather than offer a free trial, our team will conduct a limited pilot program at cost in order to showcase the value of our solution. Contact our team to learn more about our pilot program requirements and costs.

What is a Data Feed?

A Factivate data feed represents a connection with a third party API that is used to pull and store data automatically into your file. Any data feed that is currently storing information is counted as an active data feed in your subscription.

What is a data refresh rate ?

Factivate pulls data automatically from all of your connected sources. The refresh rate refers to the frequency these "auto imports" occur. If you have a refresh rate of 4 hours, then it means that each of your feeds will auto-update every 4 hours.

How do I know how much data storage I need?

Typically, the more data that is being pulled and stored, the higher your data storage will be. The plans created have been tested to give you more than enough data storage to fulfill your needs. Up until today, we have not had a company hit their data limits from their UTM files even after pulling more than 2 years of information from their UTM data sources.

What if I want someone to handle my marketing analytics for me?

We have experts in-house who are able to assist you. Whether you need one consultant once a month to give you an impartial view of your marketing activities or you need a dedicated analytics team because you're running an agile marketing team, we're able to help you.