The Complete Guide to Using Adobe Analytics UTM Parameters

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This post provides a complete guide with instructions on how to configure your Adobe Analytics to read your Adobe campaign links as you would typically see them in Google Analytics (with UTM parameters). If, on the other hand, you’d rather skip this setup or simply don’t want to worry about it, the SMART UTM MANAGER for Adobe Analytics team can automatically take care of the install/configurations when you sign up for an account.

Understanding How Adobe Analytics defines UTM Campaign Links

How to get your Adobe Analytics UTM parameters to follow the Google UTM parameters

Step 1: Implement or Update the getQueryParam plugin

Factivate recommendation: We recommend that you use a Smart Adobe Analytics UTM builder to maintain the consistency in how these variables are written. Make sure your builder enforces naming conventions so that anyone who’s building a link uses your form or it can become difficult to summarize your data later on. 

adobe analytics utm tracking

Step 2: Set up Your Reporting using UTM Parameters Codes by adding your Classifications

Step 3: Configuring Adobe Analytics to understand your UTM parameters

adobe analytics utm view


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