Congratulations to the Adobe UTM Smart Manager team for it’s ” ‘Best Adobe Analytics UTM Builder and Analytics Solution’ for 2019″

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best adobe UTM builder Award for UTM Smart manager

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DURHAM, N.C.Aug. 22, 2019PRLog

Factivate, the global leader in marketing intelligence, personalized analytics, reporting, and workflow, announced that the UTM Smart Manager has been selected as the winner of the “Best Adobe Analytics UTM Builder” solution for 2019.

The Adobe Analytics UTM Smart Manager ( combines a custom-branded Adobe Campaign URL builder with a powerful UTM insights platform to help marketers understand Campaign URL insights quickly and effectively (at the link level). The Adobe UTM Smart Manager integrates with all of the powerful marketing, advertising, and social data sources for use by enterprise marketers as well as small businesses, media companies, agencies, and even franchises who rely on Adobe Analytics for their campaign tracking. The Adobe UTM’s Insights solution, or Adobe UTM Manager, empowers customers with deep, contextual insights (beyond what Adobe Anaytics even offers), to help them optimize their Campaign UTM performance and deliver high impact results. It provides dynamic capabilities for data and media analysis, automated reporting, and visualization and collaboration that rival even the biggest Business Intelligence systems at a fraction of their cost.

“It’s true, Adobe Analytics users face an increasingly sophisticated MarTech stack. But integrating with any of those tools is useless if you don’t have a good UTM foundation. That’s where the Adobe UTM Smart Manager comes in. We realized early on that if we don’t help marketers solve this fundamental problem in an easy and intuitive way, their marketing data would be quickly compromised; thus costing them billions”, said Juan Porras and CEO of Factivate ( “We love how the combination of the Smart Manager’s Adobe UTM builder with their deep insights platform goes beyond the vanity “clicks” or “impressions” KPIs to deliver real value. This is why the Adobe Analytics UTM Builder was voted best in class by our team of marketing analytics scientists and experts”.

Among the Adobe Analytics UTM Smart Manager’s key differentiators is the ability to integrate, ingest, and analyze large volumes of data from native sources into one view, combining sources like Adobe Analytics, Google Ads, Google Analytics, Youtube, Facebook Ads, Instagram Ads, Facebook Insights, Twitter Ads, and more into the analytics per campaign UTM link. The platform’s advanced analytics, collaboration, and workflow capabilities ensure that it easily scales beyond UTM insights should you grow to need more sophisticated data insights.

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